Entrances in Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Although Sinharaja Forest Reserve is the largest lowland tropical rain forest in Sri Lanka, It has very few official and operating entrances. People who like to visit Sinharaja Forest Reserve, should come to one of these entrances. There are ticket offices at each and every entrances. You can buy tickets there.

Before you visit Sinharaja Forest Reserve, please keep in mind below rules and regulations.

  1. This land is protected by Forest Ordinance and National Heritage Wilderness Area act.
  2. It is compulsory to obtain a permit issued by the Department of Forest Conservation and the assistance of an authorized guide to enter to this reserve.
  3. Under section 451 of 6 of Forest Conservation Ordinance, It is a punishable offense to enter the forest without permission, make fire, collect forest materials, damage flora and fauna, use liquor and drugs, dispose various waste, make unnecessary sounds.
  4. This forest is administrated by the Department of Forest Conservation in accordance with the conditions of United Nations World Heritage.

Your guide will explain above rules and condition before the tour. You can walk freely and enjoy the every minute in the forest without breaking rules and conditions.

Each entrance has difference bio diversity and geographical diversity. There are different kinds of trails(tracks or paths) are in entrances and So best thing is reviewing them before visiting. You can refer Internet or contact a Sinharaja tour guide to know the best entrance and the trail by yourself because you are the only one who know about your physical condition and the interests. There are trails to fit different physical conditions of visitors.

Below you can find directions of each entrances. Enjoy the trip

Kudawa Entrance

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Kurulugala Entrance

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Lankagama Entrance

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Pitadeniya Entrance

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